Medical Resource

InnoVet Health’s Medical Resource Division consists of an experienced, multi-disciplinary military medical team. We provide for staffing requirements of Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses (68C), and Military Health Care Specialists (68W).

Our team is well versed in all aspects of military medical procedures and documentation. All our team members are Veterans and have performed service in the Army Reserve, National Guard, and other major Army commands. We are extremely familiar with the operating systems that are utilized in military medical documentation to include MEDPROS, MEDCHART, eProfile, MODS, AHLTA, etc. he InnoVet Health Medical Team possesses the passion, dedication, and training to ensure that our service members receive the best possible care and service. Our prior military Health care Providers are Clinical and Operational Subject Matter Experts and have deployed to areas such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, Central America, and multiple areas in Asia. We understand Operational Medicine requirements and Soldier Readiness issues at the fundamental level.

Our capabilities include:

-Occupational Health expertise for job-related Medical Surveillance Examinations

-Physical evaluations for military accessions, continued service, mobility, and Special Duties

-Periodic Health Assessments

-Pre-deployment and Post-deployment Health Assessments

-Issuing physical injury profiles

-Incapacitation Pay (INCAP) determinations

-Fitness for Duty reports regarding retention

-Disability Line of Duty determinations for benefit eligibility IAW DoD or ARNG guidance

-Communication of case outcomes to senior medical personnel or other points of contact

-Capturing all examination/case material into the appropriate electronic systems


For Project Management, Supervision and Quality Control requirements:

Our Chief Medical Officer is a Board-Certified Occupational Health Physician. We also have a core of seasoned prior-service Senior Medical Non-Commissioned Officers, and Medical Service Corps Officers specializing in monitoring and compliance. All cases are reviewed for completeness and customer satisfaction surveys are conducted on every case.

We are extremely familiar with the Rules, Regulations and Policies that guide military treatment, physical examinations, and medical case management. Our services and results are expeditious, reliable, reproducible, and defendable.