InnoVet Health is Now a Member of BPM+Health!

Written by
Ryan Kelb
Published on
February 21, 2023

InnoVet Health is excited to announce that we are now a member of BPM+Health! BPM stands for Business Process Management for Healthcare (BPM+Health) and is an IT standards development organization to introduce business process modeling into healthcare.

The goal of BPM+Health is to be a standards-oriented community focused on the advancement of shared care pathways and processes within the healthcare market sector.  

These processes are performed by humans, machines, or both and can be very simple or extraordinarily complex. When expressed using precise, formal models, workflows can be executed as software where we take a narrative process and make it computer consumable.  

However, it’s important to note that all activities and work products discoverable in BPM+Health are in-process and working documents. The site is being provided as a public-good offering transparency into the activities underway within our community.

Intro to BPM+Health

Officially launched in September of 2019, BPM+Health is a membership-based, open community actively collaborating with others to complement existing industry standards (including HL7, CPGs, CDS, etc.) where the focus is on process, modeling, and process interoperability.

The original organization that started the BPM+Health community is The Object Management Group® (OMG®) which is an IT standards development organization that discovered the need to introduce business process modeling, or BPM, into healthcare.

The reason for BPM in healthcare is because the healthcare industry as a whole has found that there are looming gaps in health care provision practices, language, and knowledge. We’ve found that individual professional healthcare societies and organizations have a tendency of solely implementing their own unique healthcare practices, with the adoption of other well-known best practices being inconsistently replicated.

On top of that, health processes and best practices are constantly changing and evolving.

Advances in healthcare technology gives us greater insights into the best ways to address different aspects of healthcare, however what we’ve seen is quite a large delay between the latest advances in healthcare best practices and their implementation into the professional healthcare field.  

Now, when we say a delay, we don’t mean by just a few months...

On average it takes 17 years for new clinical guidelines to be fully implemented into the healthcare ecosystem.  

This delay, among other things, is what BPM+Health was created to address.

The Goal of BPM+Health

BPM+ Health’s main goal is for the automation and integration of new clinical guidelines into healthcare workflows. It was created to be an open community that focuses on best practices based on industry standard languages and by supporting commercial tools that advance “shareable”, interoperational processes.  By doing this, these guidelines and processes can be monitored, improved upon, and adjusted based on overall impact.

What we know about our current healthcare pathways and processes:
  • Each new care pathway impacts human processes, HIT, or both.
  • Every 6 months advances healthcare knowledge doubles.  
  • There are no broadly accepted universal definitions for healthcare workflows, care processes, pathways, or clinical practice guidelines

With this in mind, BPM+Health’s vision is to create an industry convergence around a common "language" which would simplify authoring, sharing, and the adoption of industry best practices.  

This would occur through BPM+Health’s membership community.  

Members are active individuals from across the industry who are committed to the advancement of BPM within healthcare. Members within BPM+Health carry influence and are encouraged to lead and collaborate in working groups.

These individuals can be as involved or infrequent as preferred. These individuals help test, shape, and provide valuable feedback through engagement and community forums. Members have the choice of which area of BPM+Health they would like to participate in and can join/unjoin diverse groups lead by Ambassadors.  

BPM+Health Ambassador Program

BPM+ Health Ambassadors are individuals whom are active in BPM+ Health and have committed to supporting and representing the BPM+ community in both internal conversations and public appearances. They are working professionals in the health IT (HIT) space whom are volunteering to support community efforts, beyond what is expected of general members.

InnoVet Health is looking to be active with our membership and encourage our employees to be certified and knowledgeable within these standards as well. Currently, Innovet promotes BPM within our clients base and look forward to pioneering business process modeling within BPM+Health and the healthcare industry as a whole.

By: Ryan Kelb (Low Code Developer at InnoVet Health) 

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