innoVet Team Spotlight: FMBT IV&V Team

Written by
Tiffany Catron
Published on
July 18, 2023

Among the numerous health IT projects at innoVet Health, one team truly stands out for their exceptional delivery is FMBT Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) (Financial Management and Business Transformation independent verification and validation) team that supports the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)! At innoVet, we are committed to nurturing our resources' teamwork and holistic well-being. By spotlighting their collective accomplishments and victories, we aim to enhance the experience of both their clients and the veterans they diligently serve.

The spotlight today is on the remarkable FMBT IV&V team at the VA, a shining example of unparalleled teamwork and unwavering determination to surmount obstacles. Their collaborative spirit and shared prowess in tackling challenges deserve special recognition.

Team Achievements

Our team carried out IV&V for the VA, successfully delivering the IV&V testing on the Integrated Financial and Acquisition Management System (iFAMS) deployment at VA since September 2021. This team has effectively executed IV&V testing on over ten Operations & Maintenance (O&M) releases, contributing to a higher quality software release and better user satisfaction.

While each of our testers holds expertise in IV&V testing, the collective strength of our IV&V team is enhanced by their domain knowledge in the federal financial management transactions and applying IEEE standards-based approach. Moreover, their deep familiarity with the COTS CGI Momentum product and proven experience of integrating with other VA enterprise systems and processes further elevate their capabilities.

What sets this team apart is the diverse range of backgrounds they bring to the table. Drawing from experiences in manual, functional and automated testing, API integration, product documentation reviews, data reporting and analytics using JIRA/XRay, and more, their distinct skills amalgamate into a cohesive whole.  

Business Management Lessons

The team's approach to these testing efforts have been highly effective, characterized by agility and continuous interaction with the client. Using Agile methodology, regularly reviewing testing plans and discussing progress has been a cornerstone of their strategy. We place great emphasis on maintaining open communication with our customer, as early feedback enables adjustments to be made smoothly. Our IV&V team excels in ensuring the client is kept well-informed, measuring the key performance indicators and is receptive to their feedback.

For instance, when dealing with diverse implementations, the team ensures transparency by outlining their decision-making process. They construct weighted assessments to create a clear trail of their recommendations, documented in reports. This approach provides our clients with a comprehensive understanding of their actions and the underlying rationale.

This consistent communication with the client has led to a series of successes. Notably, the team effectively tested the O&M release for the client, followed by successful work with Wave deployment.

Team Culture  

An outstanding aspect we've observed within the FMBT IV&V team is their remarkable commitment to teamwork. Their proactive approach to addressing any challenges, whether they are related to their professional or personal spheres, stands out. Their cooperative mindset encourages collaborative problem-solving, emphasizing active listening to collectively arrive at the optimal solutions.

Furthermore, the team actively participates in virtual socials, nurturing authentic communication and fostering camaraderie. For instance, in their project chats on Fridays, they share stickers, memes, and personal updates to express their current states. Even during difficult times or when team members are absent, the team consistently acknowledges and supports each other, nurturing a sense of unity over time.

As eloquently stated by the IV&V Team Project Manager, the foundation lies in effective communication, compassion, respect, and trust. This framework underlines the significance of acknowledging each other's personal well-being, thus building a foundation of mutual trust and understanding beyond professional capacities.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the remarkable FMBT IV&V team for their unwavering dedication. Your efforts are genuinely valued. If you're interested in learning more about Team innoVet, please visit our LinkedIn page for further insights and updates.

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